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Bullet Proof Artists

The Nields

Organic Farm DVD

cover for Organic Farm DVD

Organic music is like organic farming: it starts as seeds of inspiration––a song here, an instrument-sighting there––and if nurtured correctly, grows into a tall, strong plant that nourishes and sustains for a lifetime, if we nourish and love it back. We hope there will be some old familiar songs here on this DVD as well as some new favorites. We hope you and your family learn them and love them as much as we have. And we hope you will share your stories with us along the way!


  • Producer/ Director: Ed McKeon
  • Editor: Todd Sanderson
  • Camera ops: Ron Michaud, Paul Rousseau, Juan Corona
  • Engineer: Kyle Cofiell University of Hartford TV Studio: Dan McNamara
  • Extra outdoor footage: Henry Chalfant
  • Audio Recording engineer: Michael Simon
  • Audio mixing: David Chalfant at Sackamusic

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