This Town Is Wrong




This Town Is Wrong is a soundtrack to Nerissa’s novel by the same name, and – in a risk-taking move typical of the Nields – its songs represent the creative output of several different characters who live within its pages, from the young protagonists Randi Rankin and Angela Riddle, to Randi’s itinerant singer-songwriter father Guy, to a local rock band called The Big Idea.

The result is a kind of musical hot-room yoga, twisting and stretching the songwriting of Nerissa and the singing of Katryna, as both performers push themselves toward new territories that combine the spunk and naivete of their earliest work with the more sure-footed, sadder-but-wiser qualities that characterize their more recent efforts. Paleo-Nields fans will find their fondest memories refreshed, and more recent converts will hear the duo infused with a jolt of youthful energy.


  1. The Day I Let Glory Steer
  2. Glow-In-The-Dark Plastic Angel
  3. The Work That We Do
  4. When I Let You Into My Closet
  5. Haven’t I Been Good
  6. Clairman Town
  7. Paris
  8. Sara, With Your Ring
  9. When I’m Here
  10. If I Wanted To
  11. Kiss Me On The Moon
  12. This Town Is Wrong