Sweet Life

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This is my 9th CD, and the first recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, with a band of veteran musicians. I’m really proud of it and I think you’re gonna enjoy it. You can hear all the tracks online at Compass Records

  • Produced by Garry West
  • Guitar: George Marinelli
  • Bass Guitar: Alison Prestwood
  • Drums: Shannon Forest
  • Keyboards: Phil Madeira and Mark T. Jordan
  • Percussion: Erick Jaskowiak
  • Background vocals: Andrea Zonn, Ingrid Graudins, Scat Springs and Jon Randall Stewart
  • Lead Vocal and Acoustic guitar: Catie Curtis
  • Recorded and Mixed by Erick Jaskowiak


  1. Sweet LIfe
  2. Are You Ready to Fly?
  3. Everything Waiting to Grow
  4. For Now
  5. Happy
  6. What You Can’t Believe
  7. Lovely
  8. Sing
  9. Soul Meets Body
  10. Fools
  11. The Princess and the Mermaid
  12. Over