1st & 40




After 15 years with Eddie from Ohio, and forty years on the planet bassist/guitarist/mouth-organist/mouth-vocalist/tunesmith Michael Clem releases his first solo CD, 1st & 40. Featuring 11 new original songs by Clem, this project was produced by EFO bandmate, Eddie Hartness, who also anchored the drums and percussion. Other guests include Daniel Brindley (on keys), as well as backup vocals from bandmates Julie Murphy Wells and Robbie Schaefer. Clem does everything else, including some trombone (against everyone’s wishes).


  1. Sprawl
  2. Blue State Girl
  3. Sheila
  4. I.S.O.
  5. Boxes
  6. Racer X
  7. Virgil’s Refund
  8. Rosencrantz
  9. The Drill
  10. Run to the Lord
  11. The Moment