Live in Natick




This Double Live CD was recorded on March 19, 2011 at the center for the Arts in Natick Massachusetts and captures one of the most magical performances of Susan’s Career. Susan along with Band-mates Trina Hamlin and Gail Ann Dorsey completely rock the house.

You will hear the Entire show including onstage talking, jokes, and laughter for the true concert experience.

Disc 1:

  1. TCAN introduction
  2. hey hey
  3. why is your heaven so small
  4. SW opening remarks
  5. our father (the new revised edition)
  6. did trouble me trina’s harmonica intro
  7. did trouble me
  8. different son piano interlude
  9. my different son
  10. kicking the beehive
  11. i know what i want/intro while SW tunes the d35
  12. i know what i want
  13. trina recovers/forbidden demographic groups
  14. the last words of bonnie parker
  15. interlude bonnie/kansas
  16. manhattan, kansas

Disc 2

  1. time between trains
  2. red dress
  3. interlude/seventies cheese music
  4. give me chicago any day
  5. i can’t be new
  6. may i suggest
  7. interlude/a 101 year old with a future/but its about me
  8. movie of my life
  9. living on love (trina hamlin)
  10. interlude/pretending to end it
  11. help somebody
  12. laughter in the rain
  13. blue bayou