Hayseed is songwriter Susan Werner’s 2013 celebration of her Iowa farm girl roots. You’ll sing along with her wry commentary on contemporary agriculture, on subjects from farmers markets to herbicides, from global warming to drought, from sustainability to salmonella. Humorous and affectionate, this concept album will remind her longtime fans of 2007’s The Gospel Truth, another concept album that, like HAYSEED, defines Werner as one of the most vital creative forces on the national acoustic music circuit.


  1. City Kids
  2. Back To The Land
  3. Snowmobiles
  4. Bumper Crop
  5. While You Wait For The Rain
  6. Egg Money
  7. Herbicides
  8. Something To Be Said
  9. Plant The Stars
  10. Iowa
  11. Ode to Aldo Leopold

This record is dedicated to Susan’s father and mother, and their fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers… farmers, all.

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