A Juggler On His Blades




Released in 1992. Released on CD in 1994, includes three bonus tracks to the original 15. Produced by Billy Wolf.


  1. Fly South
  2. Bones of a Lifetime
  3. Revolution
  4. Payday in the Village
  5. Porchlight
  6. Joe’s Gas
  7. Cleo & Tony
  8. Step into the Outside
  9. Hail Mary Shy of Redemption
  10. The Ghosts of St George’s Drive
  11. That 7-11 Song
  12. If I Were a Flintstone
  13. Long Walk Home
  14. Our Fair City
  15. Very Fine Funeral
  16. Blue Jeans*
  17. The Candidate*
  18. Doin’ Time Under the Lifeguard Stand*

*live bonus tracks!

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